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If our school is a pen, the parents are the ink; joining together we can write the success story of educational development of our children.The purpose of education is not just to produce academicians but also to develop humane and sensitive citizens. At Hame Convent Inter College, we ensure that a congenial environment for learning is maintained while making sure that children have enough opportunities to develop their personal and interpersonal skills.

Our teachers are well qualified & share a passion for teaching, thereby bringing out the best in both themselves and their students. We edify our students in classical as well as contemporary models of learning while giving them a solid foundation in cultural insights of the world.

We firmly believe that parents role in the Child’s educational development is crucial. It is the parents who are the first GURU of the child. So we create mutual respect and strive to establish continuous communication between parents, teachers and administration.

We pride ourselves on creating a culture of learning where students are free to express or share their interest in variety of fields while developing their character as well. Delayed gratification, integrity, civic consciousness and the willingness not to give up, these are the values that we seek to inculcate in our students. With extra-curricular classes, a strong emphasis on communication skills and activities mean to foster cultural understanding, the students of our school emerges as elucidated and responsible citizen of the world.

Hame Convent Inter College is more than an ordinary school. We encourage students to embark on difficult, challenging journeys that stretch their potential. But we do so with an unyielding faith in capacities of our teachers and students. The management and staff of Hame Convent Inter College is deeply committed to work tirelessly in order to make our students’ learning experience an exciting and elucidating one.